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Hi Everybody,

I hope you’re all keeping well.

I knew that when I published my book, Adventure Dayze, last month that the marketing side of things would keep me busy. Just how busy, though, has been a complete surprise to me!

Taking a different route to market

As I was writing, the advice I’d researched about marketing a self-published book told me that I should do the majority of it before publication, including reaching out to established book reviewers. However, the gut feeling I got when I told others that I was writing a book was that it’d be believed when seen. So, perhaps somewhat counterintuitively, I decided to wait and do the marketing after the release date.

Family And Friends First

Once the book was up on Amazon, I put the word out to my nearest and dearest via social media. Whether people offered kind words, bought the book and maybe left a review, I was humbled by the response. The reviews I’ve received have provided me with an important step in the next stage of my marketing strategy.

The Importance Of A Marketing Mentor

I discovered Hollie Anne Marsh via the freelance website Fiverr. Hollie has a background in marketing and she is an award-winning author with her Sweetbriars book series, which is set in the world of horse-riding. Hollie has supported me to get the book published, and has sorted the advertising campaign on Amazon. This week the Facebook advertising campaign will start.

Working with Hollie has taught me a lot that’ll benefit me in the future: how to navigate Amazon Author Central and my Facebook Author page; how to write a press release statement; how to actually get a book live on Kindle; the ins and outs of marketing.

From the start, Hollie showed me the importance of having reviews for when the time comes to reach out to organisations.

Hollie has helped me brainstorm a list of hiking magazines, podcasts and websites to contact. Libraries, local newspapers, charities and bookshops are on the list too.

The Next Step

After much brainstorming and research, then, I now have a list of contacts that I’m working my way through. It’s an enjoyable process magnified by the hope that something will come of it. It takes a lot of perseverance – there’s a lot of phone calls to find a named person to contact in an organisation followed by a lot of emails – but hopefully the fruits of the labour will show soon.

Lessons Learned

Although I’ve taken a different approach as to the order of publishing and marketing the book, I can see the importance of following the much suggested route to market for my next book.

However, as a self-published author I can see that marketing is an ongoing thing and can take place any time after a book is published. So, all I’m doing now is giving me experience for the future.

Having an experienced hand to guide me has been so important. It’s made the whole experience more navigable and rewarding.

Thanks for reading this. I hope to come back soon with some positive news about who I’ve reached out to.

If you have any comments or advice, it’d be great to hear from you.

Peace and love for now 😃.



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Hello Everybody,

I just wanted to briefly share some early insights on marketing a self-published book.

This is by no means a definitive guide. I just wanted to share a few issues I’d found that may help others attempting to self-publish.


Next Monday sees my hiking book, Adventure Dayze, go ‘live’ on Amazon. It’s actually been out about a month, but my main aim in the first four weeks was to get word out to family and friends, and to build up a few reviews.

I’ve also used that time to create my Facebook page and to put together a list of blogs, podcasts, tourist boards etc as I start to promote and market the book more from Monday 5th July.


My approach has been a little different to the advice I’d researched on how to market a self-published book. Normally, having a team of readers to review the book before the launch and doing a few other marketing bits and bobs is the regular way. However, it was important for me to focus on getting my book out there first and dealing with the other steps one at a time. My mind works better that way as I can give more thorough attention to each step.

That said, for my next book there’s things that I’ll definitely do differently before the book launch (e.g. getting it reviewed) as I can see the benefit in that.

What I appreciate is that I’ve had some great advice from my mentors, Jessica Coleman (editor) and Hollie Marsh (marketing), that is steering me in the right direction, and that the way I’m presently doing it is okay. It’s so important to have people around you that help you to believe in yourself.

Overall, this is all a learning curve and I’m enjoying the whole experience.


I’m returning to Rutland on a camping adventure holiday this weekend.

Then, it’s time for the marketing to begin properly.

I’ll put posts up about all this in the next week or so.

If you’ve self-published or are about to, what has your approach been? Or, if you’ve enjoyed this post, please feel free to leave a comment. It’d be great to hear from you



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Hi Everybody,

My self-published novel, Adventure Dayze, is now out on and


Hiking is the gateway to adventure.

Being in the Great Outdoors is great for the mind, body, and soul. And the even better news? It needn’t involve much more than putting on a pair of trainers and heading out your front door.

In Adventure Dayze, author Wayne Mullane recounts his hiking experiences in Britain and Ireland with his friends, including overcoming limitations walking at altitude and having a dodgy sense of direction!

This book aims to help you get started… or, if you’re a seasoned hiker, to encourage you to hike with renewed vigour. This story shares insights and discusses the benefits of hiking, including fitness, friendship, courage, mental health, and…err…the joy of eating.

Adventure Dayze will inspire you to overcome your limitations and get outdoors to enjoy all the unique beauty that is on offer. Even pandemic lockdowns won’t be able to suppress your exploration, as the author found out, there are many ways to bring the outdoors inside when there’s no other choice.


Prices: Paperback is £7.99; Ebook is £2.99 (FREE on Kindle Unlimited).


Prices: Paperback is $7.99; Ebook is $2.99 (FREE on Kindle Unlimited).


I’m really focusing on the marketing side of things from this week. I’m learning a lot of new stuff and enjoying the journey.

I’m also looking to get this website revamped in the next few weeks to give it a fresh look, add a mailing list link and more.

It’d mean so much to me if you were able to support me by purchasing a copy and leaving a review. Thank you ☺️.

Peace and Love, Everybody. Thanks for popping by. See you next time.



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Hi Everybody,

I hope you’re all doing okay.

I’m very excited to reveal the cover for my first book, Adventure Dayze, which charts the adventures of my friends and I. The book covers my progress to overcome a fear of heights and a dodgy sense of direction as we attempt the highest mountains in each of the countries of Britain and then Ireland.

The cover shows me wandering off in a completely different direction to my friends even though I’m holding the map. That’s a very common theme on our mountain hikes! The cover is mostly green for two reasons: this is a nod to my Irish roots and because my favourite colour is… you guessed it…green!

The cover was designed by Laura Antonioli, who I found on Fiverr. Laura was so patient and kind, and very supportive of any changes I needed. She also did the internal layout of the book – and I am really pleased with that too. I look forward to working with her on future projects.

In the next post I’ll reveal more details about the book’s release!

Thank you for stopping by and reading this. If you’ve got any comments, it’d be great to hear from you. I’m looking forward to reading your posts as well.

Peace and Love for now 😊



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Positive affirmations have the ability to help us think more favourably about life. They even have the power to make us think in a more reasoned way about difficult situations we find ourselves in.

There are many videos with positive affirmations on YouTube. The narrator will read a series of life affirming statements which the listener is encouraged to listen to every day. Over time, these are absorbed by the subconscious and can have a beneficial impact on our day-to-day well-being.


The advantages of sustained practice includes a calmer mind in facing situations, being able to handle past events or concerns about the future better, developing a sense of gratitude and positively impacting on others lives.

Thoughts and emotions are inextricably linked. Being calm and peaceful has an impact on how others are to us in return. What we put out there is what we get back.

Positive affirmations won’t make the issues we face go away; they will, however, give us a toolkit to
cope with life’s challenges better.



If you’re interested in doing positive affirmations, I suggest doing ten minutes a day to begin with.
It takes time for long-term changes to take effect, so sustained practice is needed.

Within a few weeks you’ll be able to quote your own feel good mantras. That’s when you know that the messages have truly sunk in to your subconscious.

I hope you enjoyed this article. It’d be great to hear any comments you have.

Peace and love, Everybody .

Back Up And Running


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Hi Everybody,

I hope you’re all doing well.

After not having been on my website since last Autumn/Fall, I’m back again.

I suddenly got really busy with my book trying to get it over the finish line, and it took longer than I hoped. My brain only allows me to stay focused on one project at a time, so I’m sorry I’ve not been committed here. I was making connections with so many wonderful people here too.

The good news is that my hiking book is finished. It’s on Kindle and out in paperback now. I’ve just got a few final touches to do before it goes ‘live’, but I hope to do a big reveal next week.

As busy as the last few months have been, the journey has been fun. I’ll chat about that in coming posts too. I’ve connected with some very lovely people who’ve been instrumental in me completing the book. The joy is that I’m still learning and growing as a writer, and I enjoy the opportunities and connections that brings.

As I’m typing this out, I’ve got to admit that it’s nice to be back.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I’ll post up again soon. I look forward to reading your posts soon.

Peace and love to you all.

Self-Publishing Update: Time For A Revival.


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Finally, I sat down today and wrote out a comprehensive plan of how to take my hiking novel forward. The main issue I’ve faced is that a lot of the advice I’d given was pre-pandemic, so, for instance, info on train travel to reach destinations or visiting a pub was in need of revision. Covid-19 caused my usual drive to evaporate – like a lot of people’s, I guess – and I shelved my attempts to carry on with writing the novel for several months.

Lockdown came and went. Thankfully, my editor, Jessica Coleman (, was always on hand to give me sage advice. Jessica advised me to keep a journal of 2020 to record not only the hikes I took in this new world, but also what coping mechanisms I adopted. Without this sound and simple advice, I think I may’ve consigned my book as a lost project – something which I’m ashamed to admit.

Keeping a journal has been a novel experience for me: the whole exercise has been a chance for me to reflect and to think up new ways to carry on hiking. For instance, if you read my recent post on how to travel the world for free, you’ll know that I’m attempting to walk every capital city in the world via YouTube from the comfort of my own front room. So far, I’ve done six; I’m going to give an update on my virtual adventures in a near future post. Spoiler alert: I’m off to Caracas, Venezuela tonight.

Being able to reflect made me realise on a deeper level than before that hiking is therapy for me. Going outside freely again after lockdown – in a socially distanced way – over the summer emblazoned my heart with fresh passion. I think that deeper sense of love for this hobby comes across more in my renewed edits.

Journaling has given me a source of hope and strength. Without thinking about it, I was writing the book even when I was thinking about giving it up. Sure, as well as revising what I’d already written, I have another chapter to write for this year. But that’s okay because, thinking about it now, despite all that’s gone on I know I can relay a message of hope.

When hope was lost it was hard for me to write. But thanks to my family, friends, Jessica Coleman’s advice and kind words and being connected with lovely people here on WordPress, hope has returned.

Thanks for reading this. If you have any comments, it’d be great to hear from you.
Peace and love…and hope for now xxxx

Poem: Send A Message To Your Heart


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When this world bruises you, leaving you battered and forlorn,

Hold on, hold on – I know you can brace this storm.

Don’t think about the past or be guided by future fears,

Just anchor yourself in the present, let go of those tears.

Stay grounded in this moment – there’s so much joy in the now,

Send a message to your heart, I promise you’ll get through this somehow.