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Hi All, I’ve got to admit that I found today’s assignment really tough. I hope this offering is okay:

Title: Read this if you like reading (and writing)

Hi All,

My name is Wayne. I’m an aspiring writer on a journey to fulfill my dream of being a full-time author.

From time to time I’ll post up stories and poems; I’ll post up the odd football/soccer-related article too. I’ll also use this site as a platform to share any useful info and resources I find related to creative writing.

Through the development of this blog I am hoping to forge links with other writers and lovers of fiction.

As my journey is in its infancy I expect that what I currently know will be pulled apart and re-shaped. By keeping an open mind I am allowing my writing abilities to be enriched by progressive learning.

I hope you get something out of this too. It would be great to share ideas and thoughts with you.

Thanks for reading,