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I found this hard and I hope I’ve got it right. I’m doing new poetry styles for the first time, and it’s a good challenge. In regard to the assonance part, I’ve used ‘ou’. This effort is completely nonsensical.

Messy Fingers

‘You could use a fork to eat,’ she says to him as he grabs another handful of mash.

‘You wouldn’t believe the day I’ve had. I want to use my hands,’ he retorts.

Another mouthful of cheesy peas. You couldn’t picture it.

‘Please use the fork.’ She sounds exasperated. Her comments keep rebounding.

‘Stop hounding me. You should be gone.’ He’s wound up now.

She pouts. She pours a glass of four per cent lager over his head, jumps in her car and drives to Gloucester.

Where there are lots of roundabouts.