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The landscape theme influenced me to write about the landscape of a Monday morning journey to work. As I wrote the poem in the enumeratio style, I found myself singing “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” by REM!!

Standing on the platform

Mindless zombies are the norm

I stifle another yawn

Curse it, weekend’s gone.

School kids, business types,

Holidaying husbands and wives,

Adrenalin junkies full of hype.

Snapshot of other’s lives.

All jostling for position,

Each has a separate mission.

Blank it out with headphones,

Music’s on, it’s my own

Way of dealing

With folk less appealing.


Train doors separate.

Come on now, can’t be late.

Locomotive running late –

How long must we wait?

Newspaper’s full of gore

Tragedy, another war,

Football ended in goalless draw.

And I clench my jaw

As more bodies jump on.

Hang on now, won’t be long

Til my stop is here –

Internal cheer.

Then escalators hit

People swamp – I quit.