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Don’t be lost and lonely, don’t despair

There’s this wonderful place where people care

Jump on your laptop, tablet or phone – you’re blessed

Each time you log on to WordPress!

Now, I’ll tell you something that’s really true

When you’re down in the dumps and feeling blue

Put up a post, it’ll help you pull through.

And there’s some other magic that you’ve got to do:

Reach out to others, the reason why we’re here

Is to make the world a better place, to bring some cheer.

Share, gain knowledge, learn of places afar

And see how it brightens your rising star.

WordPress is such a place where these things are achieved

You’ve just got to reach out and believe.

And together a rich and overflowing tapestry we will weave

To help build an empire of eternal peace.


I was inspired to write this poem as it’s Mental Health Awareness week in the UK. WordPress offers the power to be creative, which is so important in assisting a positive outlook. Being able to share and engage with others on WordPress is such a beautiful bonus.

The poem has a rhyming scheme of two rhyming couplets followed by four lines that rhyme in a row. The sequence is repeated twice.

I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to comment below – it’d be great to hear from you 😊.