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Recently, I had a hiking holiday along the Devon coast in England. The area around Torquay is known as the English Riviera, and it boasts some of the most stunning and tranquil coastline in the UK. I’d been fortunate enough to visit about fifteen years ago, so this was a long overdue return.

I stayed in Torquay for the duration of the trip, staying in a very reasonably priced B&B that offered a limitless breakfast. After a massive plate of food each morning, I set off from the nearby train station to the destinations that follow.


This scenic little town is quite unique in that it has a stream running down the middle of the main street. I traced the path alongside it and hiked more inland for a time before turning back to walk along the cliffs.

If somebody asked me for a romanticised view of England, I’d tell them to visit here.

A Stream Runs Through It
Gorgeous Terracotta Cliffs

After knocking ten miles, I sat on the beach with a can of fizz before heading back.

Wish I Was Still Here


A day in this fishing village is worthy of anybody time. I got lost wandering the mazy streets before treapsing along the seemingly endless pier. Then, I treated myself to cockles and mussels, my favourite seaside snack!

The Long Pier To Freedom


Here, on yet another decent October day, I marched back and forth along the seafront before winding my way along the clifftop into the next bay. To finish, I had a fresh crab sandwich, another seaside favourite.

Seaweed Island


I started the day by marching two miles up a hill to Kents Cavern neolithic caves. But then I was told by the receptionist that there were no tours until the afternoon. Dejected, I walked to the marina, then I remembered that the eleventh century Torre Abbey was nearby.

The standout feature was the botanic garden which is home to a poison garden filled with all the plants that Torquay’s famous daughter, Agatha Christie, used in her novels. Then, it was one final blitz along the beach before I headed back home.

Whodunit, Agatha?
The Secret Garden
One Final Look At Torquay

If you’re thinking of new places to visit in England, this area is well worth a visit. It’s definitely a place to which I’ll return.