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Checking out what others do on WordPress has become an increasingly important part of my day. By reading the posts of others I’m learning new things all the time and I’m making connections.

We swap stories, poems and information. It’s great to be amongst others who have a shared interest in one art form or another. It encouraged me to come back and keep posting. Being here has boosted my efforts to keep on track to get published.

I love that I can learn about other places across the world from those who have seen it, breathed it and walked it. In a time when we’re all shut in our houses it’s so important to remember there’s so much beauty on this fragile rock we call home.

So, being on WordPress is so enriching to my mind and soul. It grants me a new kind of focus that makes me want to reach out in the world.

Thank you for sharing your journeys with me and letting me share mine with you.

Have a good week, everybody. 😊